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Choosing the Right Gown and Suit for your Wedding Photos

When it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots, all that matters is that the photos catch the eyes of your friends and family. While the sights and scenery that a destination has to offer holds a huge stake in this, the way the stars, you lovely couples, fit into the picture is undoubtedly as important.

The dresses and suits you put on can make a huge difference in the way your photos turn out, and your outfits should complement the scenes of your shoot location just as much as the background should paint the best picture for your wedding photos.

Below are some tips for picking your gowns and suits depending on the type of location for the best effects in your photos.

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Styles for Brides

Often times, the silhouette of your gown is what helps you stand out in your photos, especially in faraway shots. It is important to strike a balance between not-too-much, and looking underwhelming against the sights behind you.

Stairs and Steps – Long Train

If your shooting location has a stairway, go all out with the train of your dress! This is the perfect opportunity to strike that grandiose bridal look with a long dress flowing all across those steps.

bride wearing a gown with long train on a stairway

bride with a long flared gown on the steps

bride in red gown with long train climbing the stairs

Flowers and Fields – Soft A-line

Catch that light breeze with these soft skirts, or let them swish naturally as you walk between the tall grass. This delicate look will fit perfectly with the sweet wilderness.

bride in a soft flowy dress on yellow flower fields

bride in pink flowy dress in lavender fields

bride in white flowy dress with hay rolls in new zealand

European Squares – Ballgown / Big A-line

Town squares in Europe with their wide open spaces surrounded by majestic architecture is the perfect sort of place to dress up like a princess!

bride in yellow ballgown on the streets of prague

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bride in white princess gown by astronomical tower in prague

bride in white ballgown in paris

Colours for Brides

The last thing you want is to blend into the background. No matter how beautiful that scenery is, you should be the highlight of your photos.

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Snowscapes – Black / Deep Blue

While most colours in a darker shade will definitely pop against the stark white snow, to go for that matching icy look, black and any deeper shade of blue are your best options.

bride in black tulle gown on snow mountain

bride in long black gown on snow mountain

bride in ruffled blue dress on snow mountain

Foliage – Red / White

With a forest green background of lush flora, go for its complementary red for the most stunning contrast. This colour also works well for yellow autumn foliage! For wintry foliage however, white would be more fitting for keeping the cooler palette of winter.

bride in red mermaid gown against forest background

bride in red mermaid dress in forest

bride in red dress among yellow autumn foliage

bride in white gown in a winter forest

City Night – Red / Silver

One of the most popular colour options among brides, red also stands out perfectly against the bright lights and dark blue skies of a city night scene. If the contrast is too much for you, a shimmery silver dress will fit in well with the modern city lights while making you dazzle in the dark.

bride in bright red gown on tokyo streets

bride in red gown with singapore night cityscape

bride in silver mermaid gown against city night

European Architecture – White / Champagne / Blush

The tall, intricately decorated buildings of Europe that are steeped in history often calls for a more formal dress, for which a white gown would be the classic for brides. If you’d like a change from the usual, light champagne or blush tones will match well against the creamy tones of those palace or cathedral walls while providing a subtle contrast.

bride in white dress at louvre paris

bride in flowy champagne gown in budapest

bride in lace blush dress in prague

Styles for Grooms

While the silhouettes of tailored suits don’t necessarily differ much all around, subtle details such as the print of the fabric, or variations in the jacket opening and lapel design can give off very different vibes for the wearer.

Europe – Checkered

The dandy look of checkered suits fits in ideally with a European city backdrop. Put on a pair of brown leather dress shoes and you will look the part of a fashionable gentlemen.

groom in navy checkered suit in prague

For more accessories and styling ideas, check out these 6 Essential Styling Tips for Grooms.

Colours for Grooms

For grooms, it’s probably an easier job for you when it comes to deciding on colours. All you have to do is find something that matches well with the colour of your bride’s dress!

You can either choose to go with a similar hue as what your bride is wearing,

couple wedding photoshoot in grey outfits

bride in white dress and groom in grey suit

wedding couple in blue outfit for photoshoot

Or choose a contrasting colour that will complement her gown well.

Red Dress – Navy / Black / Charcoal

groom in navy striped suit with bride in red gown

groom in black suit with bride in red gown

groom in charcoal suit with bride in red gown

White Dress – Any Colour!

For a more conventional and formal look, you can choose to go with navy, black or charcoal.

groom in navy suit with bride in white wedding dress

Or go for lighter, pastel colours for a more casual, beach wedding style.

groom in pastel blue suit with bride in white gown

Hopefully with these tips, you will be better equipped at deciding on the styles and colours of your gowns and suits for your wedding photoshoot.

A final tip for gown and suit selection is to choose one that you feel comfortable in, or that goes well with your personality. Confidence is another key to creating beautiful photos!

If you are also looking to do a casual photoshoot, you might like to check out what kind of outfits work best for your location.

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