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30 Romantic And Fun Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Poses That Every Engaged Couple Needs To Try

So your long anticipated engagement or pre-wedding shoot is finally coming up soon and you’ve done all your preparation, from deciding on a theme to getting your outfits.

But… how are you going to pose during the shoot?

Though often overlooked, poses are one of the most important things that couples should prepare for as they will either make or break their photos. It’s crucial not only to know what poses you intend to do during the shoot, but also to practice doing them before the shoot so as to familiarise yourself with the pose. After all, you don’t want to look awkward while posing do you?

So, here we are with a list of pre-wedding photoshoot poses to provide you with some inspiration as you prepare for your all-important shoot!

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1. Kissing Under A Veil

For a unique twist to the typical kissing pose, do it under a veil! Not only is it creative, it gives a hint of romance and intimacy to your photo too.

wedding veil couple

singapore wedding photoshoot

New Zealand wedding photoshoot

2. Hidden Kiss

If you’re feeling coy, why not hide your kiss behind a handy prop that you’ve prepared for the shoot.

japan wedding photoshoot kimonobali engagement photoshoot

korea studio wedding photoshoot3. Piggyback

Enjoy a throwback to your younger dating days as your husband piggybacks you. Or, if you’re looking for some fun, you could piggyback your husband instead!

hokkaido wedding photoshoot winter

bali engagement shootwedding photoshoot taiwan

4. Lean Against Your Partner’s Back

If you’re aiming for a more mysterious atmosphere for your pictures, try this pose. There’s something strangely intimate about leaning against your partner’s back.

new zealand wedding photo mt cook autumn

hokkaido wedding photoshoot5. Back Hug

A favourite pose of many couples and understandably so: back hugs are so intimate and make such a sweet photo, especially close-up where you can see the joy in the couple’s eyes.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - Ferry Tjoe Photography

new zealand wedding photoshoot alpaca

bali wedding photoshoot6. Show Off Your Ring

What better time to flaunt your wedding ring than at your pre-wedding shoot, right?

7. Cheek Kiss

A simple pose, but one that brings on the feels when you see face of the one kissed lighting up with happiness.

bali wedding photoshoot beach

8. Proposal

Relive your romantic proposal by incorporating it in your pre-wedding shoot too! You might not have gotten the actual proposal on film, but re-enacting it during your shoot works just as well.

wedding photo pose kneel

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - ST Jungwoo

9. Forehead Kiss

It’s often been said that a forehead kiss surpasses all other kisses as it shows that the guy truly cares for his partner. What, then, could be a better pre-wedding shoot pose than this?

hokkaido winter photoshoot

10. Lying On Your Partner’s Lap

Lying on your partner’s lap not only shows your willingness to be vulnerable with them, it’s also a highly intimate pose that makes for a truly sweet picture.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - May Studio

11. Feeding Each Other

An undeniably adorable pose for couples and highly romantic too, feeding your partner is a classic pre-wedding pose for those opting for a casual shoot.

taiwan wedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - May Studio

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - Bohemio Photo

12. Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet

Your partner swept you off your feet enough for you to want to marry him/her, so why not show that literally in your photos?

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - Ever After Studio

naomi wedding photoshoot prague

13. Hand Heart

The usual hand heart may be overused and cheesy, but there are still ways to do it that won’t look old-fashioned and yet convey your love for your partner at the same time.

jeju wedding photoshoot

14. Lying On The Ground

If you’re not afraid of getting down on the floor and maybe getting a little dirty, then this is one romantic and intimate pose that you must try!

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas

15. Holding Up Balloons

Holding a bunch of latex balloons are a tad bit too mainstream now, so why not give it a twist by holding up balloons that spell out your wedding date or good ol’ love?

hokkaido wedding photoshoot cherry blossoms

16. Looking Back At The Camera

This “just-got-caught-by-the-camera” pose gives off a subtly alluring and cheeky vibe perfect for couples who are looking for a fun pose.

tokyo wedding photoshoot shibuya crossing

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - May Studio

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - May Studio

17. Just Before The Kiss

That little moment before a kiss is probably the most beautiful: the anticipation of the kiss and the happiness at being able to kiss the one you love shows in the couple’s face and you can’t help but feel touched.

hokkaido winter wedding photoshoot

bali wedding photoshoot

18. Dancing

Whether it’s a simple twirl or a ballroom-style slow dance, these poses look oh-so-romantic when you’re all dressed up in your wedding gown and suit and gazing lovingly at your partner.

paris wedding photo louvre museum

hokkaido wedding photoshoot winter

hokkaido winter wedding photoshoot 19. Kissing Her Hand

A chivalrous and tender pose, kissing her hand is sure to make her feel like a princess being charmed by their prince charming.

paris wedding photoshoot

paris wedding photoshoot eiffel tower

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - SUM Studio

20. Hold Her Head

Arguably the sweetest and most intimate pose which shows how much the guy treasures his girl and wishes to protect her. Holding the bride’s head is the best way to both get a highly romantic pose and to make your girl feel loved.

21. Leaning On His Chest/Shoulder

A pose that shows your guy’s reliability and protectiveness towards you, it is no wonder this classic pose is a favourite of many brides.

wedding couple bride lean on chest

22. Taking A Stroll

This pose is not a classic for nothing — there is nothing quite as romantic and intimate as walking hand in hand with your loved one.

Tokyo wedding photoshoot food street

singapore gardens by the bay wedding photoshoot

osaka wedding photoshoot23. Running

Similar to walking, but the dynamism of this action has the potential to create some really fun photos that simply walking just can’t bring out.

bali wedding photoshoot beach

24. Holding Your Save The Date

If you’ve painstakingly designed a save the date card for your wedding, why not give it the attention it deserves by showcasing it in your pre-wedding photos?

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - Bohemio Photo

25. Intimate Hug

A go-to pose for most couples, hugs make the most natural and beautiful photos when it comes straight from the heart.

new zealand wedding photoshoot kryz26. Arms Around Waist

An intimate gesture that demonstrates protectiveness and affection, posing with your arms around your partner’s waist is a sure way to create a romantic photo.

osaka wedding photoshoot

hokkaido wedding photoshoot Blue Pond

27. Whispering

The gesture of a secret shared only between the both of you. This is a pose so intimate and so exclusive, only the both of you will know the true behind-the-scenes of this photo. And I think that’s just terribly romantic.

singapore wedding photoshootPre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - Bohemio Photo

28. Gazing Into Each Other’s Eyes

Another oh-so-romantic pose that will cause butterflies to form both in your stomachs and in the stomachs of those who see the sparks flying in your photos.

29. Gaze Lovingly At Her

Similar to the previous pose, but this time only the guy gazes lovingly at his partner. This romantic gesture is bound to make any girl jealous of your bride-to-be!

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - May Studio

30. Cute And Fun Poses

If you’re not a big fan of overly romantic or saccharine poses these cute and quirky poses will do the trick! Not only are they fun to do, your personalities will show through the photos too.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - Son Sungjoo

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Poses Ideas - ST Jungwoo

Still unsure of what exactly to do during your pre-wedding photoshoot?

Have a look at our article on props that will pump up the fun at your pre-wedding photoshoot.

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