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40 Heartwarming LGBT Wedding Photos That Proves Love Is Love

Love is love, without any exceptions.

June is LGBT pride month, and Pink Dot SG is coming up soon too. So, to celebrate love beyond boundaries, we’ve gathered 40 wedding and pre-wedding photos of LGBT couples that are so heartwarming and beautiful you’ll realise that they aren’t all that different after all.

1. Sweet wedding in Paros, Greece

Guy and Derek, a Canadian couple who tied the knot in Greece, whose wedding photos undeniably brought tears to our eyes.

LGBT Pride - Nek Maniatis Photography
Credits: Nek Maniatis Photography via

2. Joyous wedding at Amalfi Coast, Italy

Tanya and Sekeia, a couple from Texas, who look so blissful in their wedding photos, we can’t help but be touched too.

LGBT Pride - Quattro Studio
Credits: Quattro Studio via

3. Touching wedding in San Francisco

Justin and Wally, whose gazes for each other are just about the most heartwarming and romantic thing we’ve seen.

LGBT Pride - Apollo Fotografie
Credits: Apollo Fotografie via

4. Intimate wedding at the beach

Ivone and Jenny, an English couple whose wedding was filled with such contagious passion and joy.

LGBT Pride - Davide Almeida Fotografia
Credits: Davide Almeida Fotografia via

5. Fun Venice pre-Wedding

This Australian couple, whose fun and quirky pre-wedding shoot in Venice shows us just what a relationship is all about — simply enjoying your time together.

LGBT Pride - AV-Photography
Credits: AV-Photography via

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Do you have any heartwarming pictures of LGBT wedding and/or pre-wedding shoots? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to see them!

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