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What is Pre Wedding Photography?

What is pre wedding photography? That’s the question that I got from friends when I told them about my Bali pre-wedding shoot. Wait, pre wedding shoot, engagement and post-wedding shoot? What are all these? Most of our friends around us would be confused by these terms.

In this post, let me explain the various types of photo shoot you can do for your wedding.

Pre-wedding photo shoot

This is typically a half-day to full-day photography session where you and your significant other put on your gown and suit to take romantic shots. Depending on the arrangement with your photographer, the entire session can be done in multiple locations. It is absolutely fun when you can go crazy with your creative ideas of you and your significant other donning the beautiful gown and suit! I mean this is probably your one and only time to do it!

Engagement photo shoot

Compared to a pre-wedding shoot, an engagement photo shoot is typically done in a half-day or less session. The idea is to capture candid and fun moments of you and your SO spending time together or everyday life. You wouldn’t be wearing your gown or suit. The idea is to portray a more everyday you.

Honeymoon photo shoot

As the name suggests, this is simply hiring a photographer to document the most relaxed (and probably the best) part of your wedding – the honey moon. Many couples wants to have their honeymoon well documented, i.e. no awkward selfies, photobombs from passer-bys. You don’t have to get a stranger to help you with every shot and you can fully enjoy your trip.

Post-wedding photo shoot

As weird as it sounds, it exist. On your actual wedding day, you’ll find yourself rushing for time. Some couples would want to have another chance to capture. Think of it like the pre-wedding photo shoot, schedule after your wedding.


No matter what type of photoshoot it is, the most important thing to keep in mind is to stay relax. Breath, enjoy the photo session and at the same time have fun! Your photos will turn out to be way more beautiful when you’re yourself and relaxed.

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