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#WOTD: Timeless and Traditional German Church Wedding in Bonn

We are starting off this week with a bang! Our new series, ‘Wedding of the Day’ also known as #WOTD, will bring you different weddings or photo shoots taken in mesmerising backdrops from around the world each day. Remember to stay tune for our future blog posts to get inspired by the Wedding of the Day!

Fly with us to Europe for the first two weeks as we bring you various weddings or photo shoots taken in beautiful European cities that ooze romance, pizzazz and glamour! The hopeless romantic in you is sure to love the following series, so be prepared to feast your eyes on the intricate architecture and breathtaking sceneries!

Today, we head to Bonn, Germany, also known as the ‘gate of the romantic Rhine’.


Bonn Germany Wedding by ChrisYeoPhotography

Dominika and Eugen tied the knot in Bonn, Germany. Starting their big day at the standesamt at Villa Hammerschmidt, Dominika and Eugen registered for their marriage. This was followed by a church wedding at Kreuzbergkirche and a reception at Kaiserbahnhof.

Bonn Germany Wedding

bonn germany wedding

As Murphy’s Law would have it, the couple faced some obstacles while they were getting ready for their church wedding. They were unable to enter their hotel room, and had to run up and down to the reception three times, before they managed to open the door on the fourth try. However, this did not dampen their spirits, as Chris Yeo Photography took the opportunity to take more portrait photographs of the bride.

Bonn Germany Chris Yeo Photography

Bonn Germany Wedding Chris Yeo Photography

Here’s to new beginnings to this gorgeous couple!

See full album here: Dominika and Eugen’s Big Day in Bonn, Germany.

bonn germany chris yeo photography

Chris Yeo is a Cologne wedding photographer. View his portfolio, price list and reviews over at Chris Yeo Photography‘s profile on OneThreeOneFour.

Our new series Wedding of the Day also known as #WOTD, brings you to a different wedding or photo shoot taken in different cities around the world each day. At OneThreeOneFour, we want to share with you our daily inspirations, so be prepared to feast your eyes on awe-inspiring weddings from all around the globe!

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