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9 Ways to Warm Up Guests at Your Winter Wedding

Are you going to hold a winter wedding ceremony during the glacier period of the year? If you are, you have come to the right place!

We have come up with a list of tips to help you and your guests bear through the cold in exchange for an unforgettable wedding so read on!

Hand Warmers

You know this is essential when flying to a cold country so do not leave this out of your wedding.

DIY a handwarmer with rice which can be used repeatedly or order them in bulk! Don’t forget to match the design of the hand warmer to your wedding theme because every detail counts 😉

Credit: Heather & Morgan

Soft & Fuzzy Seat Cushions

Instead of the usual linen slipcover, swap them out for a fur cushion. Easy on the bums of everyone and what else can I say, IT’S GOING TO LOOK SUPER CUTE. Whether you’re going for a Mongolian lamb seat cushion or a premium faux fur sheep skin cushion, it’s up to you! Just bear in mind your colour theme and pick a shade that is consistent with it.

Credit: StyleMePretty


Not only does draping a chic blanket over your guest seating serve as a warm accessory, it will also help to add some texture and cosiness to your setting.

Or you can prepare neatly rolled up or folded blankets in a basket for your guests and place them at visible areas so that they can conveniently grab one when they need to!

Either way, it will not compromise on your wedding aesthetics so go ahead to do it!

Credit: Buzz Feed
Credit: Villa Siena


Pashminas as door gifts? PERFECT.

No door gifts will be better than a shawl especially if you are holding an outdoor wedding during winter. The chill in the air made it almost necessary to put on an extra layer. With a shawl, your guests will be ready to enjoy wholeheartedly and immerse themselves even in the cold setting.

Credit: SweetPeaSunday
Credit: Jose Villa

Outdoor Heater

Rent an outdoor heater for the comfort of the mass!

Don’t worry because this extra gadget is not going to ruin the beauty of your wedding venue. Instead, they are super stylish and effective in providing additional warmth to your guests.

Credit: Dana Cubbage Weddings
Credit: Love & Lavander

Choice of Food

Extra caution has to be paid when it comes to deciding on the food items. The last thing you would want to do is serving your guests cold salad, refreshing iced tea or icecreams.

“COLD’ and “ICED” items should immediately ring a bell. Think no further and change them to some warm hearty food.

Incorporate some comfort food on your wedding menu such as chicken soup, pumpkin soup or any other warm food items that are able to chase the cold out of one’s body!

Credit: Meg Perotti


Warm Drinks

As mentioned, any ICED drinks should be avoided at all cost unless your agenda is for your guests to be frozen to the bone.

Replace cold drinks with warm cocoa or hot chocolate to warm both their body and soul.

Credit: Adonye Jaja
Credit: Wedded Wonderland


Drinking boozy beverages may create the illusion of feeling warmer because warm blood moves closer to the skin surface due to the dilation of blood. Albeit it actually lowers the core temperature of one’s body, it is still a sought after solution by many to keep themselves “warm”.

Wines are almost a staple in a wedding as it helps to raise the spirits. Besides some wedding wines, I’m sure your guests will appreciate your gesture of stocking up some hard liquors such as rum, whisky and scotch!

Credit: Brosnan
Credit: Weddingomania

Indoor Venue

An indoor venue, especially one that has a fireplace is going to make your wedding preparation much easier. If you’re worried that you’ll be missing out on the winter wonders in an indoor setting, you shouldn’t be. The charm of a real fire burning gloriously in a fireplace is going to elevate the entire setting and give you the winter vibe that you sought after!

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