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18 Tips for Korea Pre-wedding Photoshoot

We have compiled a list of useful dos and donts to help bride and grooms plan for their Korean pre-wedding photo shoot. It is separated to the during parts of the photo shoot process to help you plan ahead of time.

Before Flying to Korea

  1. Brides are recommended to research on your preferred style of wedding gowns, hair and makeup styles and photos
  2. Brides are not recommended to trim or shave your eyebrows, because your make-up artists in Korea will help you
  3. Brides are recommended to remove unwanted body hair in areas where applicable, such as, armpit, arms and legs
  4. Brides are not recommended to go for facials 1 week prior to photoshoot
  5. Brides are recommended to do manicure and pedicure for a complete look
  6. Brides are recommended to wear a button shirt top that is easier for you to change into a wedding gown/tuxedo.
  7. Grooms are recommended to bring along your dress shoes and plain black socks to Korea

Before Your Pre-wedding Photoshoot

  1. Brides are recommended to wash your hair with only shampoo. Do not apply treatment or hair oil.
  2. Brides are not recommended to drink too much water before sleep
  3. Brides are recommended to sleep early and have ample rest

Pre-wedding Photoshoot Day

  1. Grooms are not recommended to apply and hair gel or wax
  2. Brides are recommended to put on your contact lenses, if applicable.
  3. Brides are not recommended to apply any essence or high-density cream on your face, use only toner and light moisturizing lotion after washing your face.
  4. Brides are not recommended to wear any accessories such as earrings, necklace and bracelet, this is to prevent lost of your personal belongings.
  5. Grooms are recommended to wear long socks that complements their dress shoes and suit
  6. Couples are recommended to  have a heavy breakfast, light snacks (e.g. sandwiches/gimbaps) will be served when couple is at the hair and makeup salon.

Outdoor Photoshoot

  1. Brides are recommended to bring along an extra pair of slippers to walk comfortably
  2. Couples are recommended to bring along wet wipes or tissues


Did we missed out any tips? Got something to share with other couples, leave them on the comments and we will update this list!


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