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No Rain Can Stop This Iceland Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

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Iceland is a Nordic island nation surrounded by hot springs, lava fields and volcanoes just to name a few. An Iceland pre-wedding photoshoot hence is always filled with breathtaking landscape. The couple covered several photography locations across Iceland through out the day, from Jokusarlon, Reynisfjara, Fjadrargljufur to Seljalandfos.

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In fact, these amazing photos by Chris Yeo Photography adds a special yet tricky element, the rain! Together, Chris and the couple embraced the rain and the photos turned out to be outstanding!

Chris follows this philosophy, “When shooting a pre-wedding photoshoot, I don’t bother about the weather because it’s beyond my control. I just roll with it and improvise so that I can create something memorable for the couple.”

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Chris also shared, “I reassured the couple that everything would be fine, the images would be unique, awesome, and that they would have something special no one else has.” He elaborated that rain can make an image beautiful. Yet, few photographers and couples are willing to take the risk.

Since they were already in Iceland, why not take this leap of faith? After all, there was no take two.

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“Working with the rain was like working with an old friend.”

Chris likes to incorporate his surroundings into his photography, as if he’s shooting a film. He jokes that it’s the uncredited 3rd character in his images. For example, if there is wind, he’ll look to capture it.  If there is fog, he’ll try to capture it so it adds an element of mystery to the images. If it’s cold and wet (like it was in Iceland), he’ll try to get the closeness and intimacy of the couple.

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But working with the rain wasn’t easy at all. Chris had to be fast and precise. He had no time to waste because time was of the essence. Imagine experiencing the rain, the cold temperatures, the fog and the fast wind!

Kudos to Chris and the couple for braving the chilly weather!

“At the end of it, looking at the images on the camera made it all worth it.”

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Chris is a Singaporean photographer living in Europe. He often travel around Europe to produce unique photos for his couples. See the prices and works of Chris Yeo Photography here.

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