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Korea Prewedding Photography: Seasonal Flowers You Should Not Miss

The seasonal transformation is often seen and regarded as something magical. The fleeting beauty of the seasons brings along with it different sentiments and offers us various stunning sights.

If you’re flying to Korea just to capture the beautiful sight of cherry blossoms, you’re missing out! Besides the dreamy pink petals, we will also be covering some of the seasonal gems to check out.


What comes to your mind when we shout the word “summer”?


That’s right!  There are many places that allow you to enjoy the greenery such as the Boseong Green Tea Festival and Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival!

Green Tea

The Boseong Green Tea Festival (보성다향대축제) is one of the most popular summer events. Home to the biggest green tea plantation in Korea, there are various events and programmes running during this festival such as some hands-on experience of picking leaves and making tea. If you are a connoisseur of tea, then you will definitely appreciate the experience of savouring green tea ice-creams & green tea infused bibimbap (비빔밥) while being greeted by the fresh scent of tea.

Credit: Haps Magazine

Credit: Klook

Lotus Flower

The Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival (부여서동연꽃축제) celebrates the blossoming lotus flowers and as a form of remembrance to preserve wild flowers. Besides admiring the beauty of the flower, there are also many Lotus-related activities such as creating necklaces with lotus seed and making lotus flower soap!

Credit: Korea Tourism Organisation


Cherry Blossom

The most famed flower that is etched in everyone’s mind- Cherry Blossom. I believe this requires no further introduction from us because this is precisely why thousands of tourists flock over to Korea during this specific season.




Cherry blossom is not the only flower that you are able to and should catch during Spring. Why restrict yourself to only one type of flower when you can feast your eyes on canola and tulips in full bloom as well!

Swim in the sea of colour with over 300 species of tulips, amounting up to 1.5 million tulips in total at the Taean Tulip Festival (태안 튤립 축제). (What an impressive collection!) The theme differs each year and tulips will be planted and arranged to form shapes and drawings that are in line with the theme.

Credit: Korea Travel Easy



Cherry blossom is not the only marker of Spring. As the canola grows in abundance and paints the entire vicinity in vibrant yellow, we know the city is going to be filled with various floral scents. The fragrance fills the air and the vibrancy of the flower is hinting to us that this is a sight not to be missed.


Maple Leaves

The colourful foliage during autumn is nothing short of amazing – a mixture of yellow, orange, red and gold falls painted the entire island, making it the perfect backdrop for any photoshoot!

The entire landscape is flushed with crimson and yellow tones and if you are a fan of the autumn palette, this would a sight that you cannot miss.



Besides the colourful foliage that spreads gold and orange across the country, locals celebrate the Bongpyeong Buckwheat Flower Festival to commemorate the modern Korean writer Lee Hyo-Seok and his popular novel “When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom”. Enjoy the stunning stretch of buckwheat blooming before your eyes while reflecting the connection between human life and the beauty of nature.



The soft and fluffy silver grass that sways as the wind blows makes the perfect autumn backdrop for anyone who visits! As the sun rays hit the ground, the whole vicinity was given a warm glow. Coupled with the thin streaks of cloud trailed across an azure sky, it is truly astonishing.


Red Camellias

The deep hues of red make a striking picture against the icy snow and the strong contrast poses a great dramatic effect. At the Camellia Hill, which is a camellia arboretum that houses 6000 camellia trees of 500 various species! The impressive collection offers visitors the opportunity to feast their eyes on these beautiful blooms.

Credit: BnBHero


The autumn colour faded and white began to take over. The snow glows white on the mountain as the icy and feathery snowflake falls. The streets soon became covered with snow and branches began to be weighed down as the white flakes accumulate.

It’s a magical sight, one that is colder and less vibrant but pure and glistening.


The transient beauty of each season provides us with the opportunity to appreciate the gems that bloom and shine in their own ways.  Instead of flying over merely for the cherry blossoms, be the unconventional cool individual by snapping some pictures at the canola field during spring!

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