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8 Tips For A Great Wedding Speech That Will Send Everyone Laughing and Crying

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Wedding speech is probably the most beautiful part of every wedding, definitely better than the a cake cutting or champagne popping ceremony. I love how each couple story is uniquely different. Wedding speeches gives your guest a sneak peak into your love story!

Although it is of tradition that the groom speaks on behalf of himself and his new wife. In today’s modern times, there isn’t any hard or fast rule regarding who gets a speech.

Whether you’re the groom, bride, before you get to preparing for your speech, here are 8 tips that you should keep in mind! Keep calm, follow these tips and you will be fine 🙂

1. Share a memorable story

Everyone loves a good story. Share with your guests, a memorable story that has brought you two together, made you felt in love deeper, or made you realise that he/she is the right one. Remember not to miss out on those tiny details that filled that magical moment in your story!


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2. Thank your loved ones

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to thank your parents, parents-in-law, the bridal party and anyone else who went the extra mile for you guys. Remember to show your appreciation to the guests for taking time off their schedule to celebrate the special day.

“Thank you mum and dad for the love and support you’ve given Charlotte and I through out the years. I would also like to thank my wife’s parents for welcoming me to the family. Aiden and Leslie, I promise to look after your daughter and keep that beautiful smile on her face everyday.”

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3. Tell a joke

Everyone loves a good laugh! Try telling a joke or two to lighten the mood up. The audience’s laughter will also make you feel more relaxed. Besides that romantic story, you can sneak in a humorous anecdote, like share some snippets of funny things that happened on your first date together!

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4. Keep it short and sweet

We know it’s impossible to thank everyone that has attended your wedding, including those who couldn’t make it but still sent their love. Keeping the speech to 5 minutes and below should give you enough time to get your points across without boring the audience.

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5. Finish with a toast

To keep things simple, end the speech by having a toast!

“That’s all from me for now but before I end, please raise your glass and join me in a toast to my beautiful wife, Charlotte. Cheers!”

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6. Note it down

Make some notes of your speech to ensure that your delivery will be a smooth one. Write them on a couple of note cards or key the main points into your phone. If you wing it, chances are, you might screw it up!

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7. Practice and chill

Most of us don’t have much experience in public speaking, naturally we tend to get a little nervous for our thank you speech. Practice. Don’t try to memorise your speech. It is totally fine if you’re glancing your notes. But you’d want to appear as natural as possible, so just give yourself some time before the wedding day to craft it and practice. More importantly, calm your nerves. There is no right or wrong here, take your time to convey your heartfelt messages.

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8. Don’t drink too much before the speech

Ease up on the drinks! You don’t want to be rambling your drunk bum in front of the guests, embarrassing the special couple and making inappropriate jokes. We reckon you should stop at 2 drinks!

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Photos By: Darren and Jade Photography


However, you should use these examples as a stepping stone when crafting your wedding speech. It’s your wedding day, the speech should be your own unique thoughts, feelings and experiences. Have fun and good luck!

Do you have any great tips that you came across, let us know in the comments below!

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