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8 Popular Makeup Trends To Borrow For A Bold Wedding Day Look

When you’ve got wedding venues and planning taking up your time, most brides completely forget about the wedding makeup since it is not urgent at all.

To help last minute brides who are scrambling to find the latest makeup looks, we have compiled a list of the most popular makeup trends that will definitely make you stand out!

1. Orange Flush

This is one of the latest Korea makeup trends, where orange takes the main stage in your whole look. With orange blusher, eyeshadow and tinted lip gloss, it does create a more youthful and innocent look compared to the usual red/pink!

Credit: Female Mag

2. All That Glitters

This was a huge Instagram makeup trend as we saw celebrities suddenly turn into glitter bombs, applying these sparkles almost everywhere.

We probably can’t pull that off, so it’s good enough to stick to silver glittery eyeshadow. If you are feeling bold, you can even stick on some of those Swarovski crystals for an extra shine!

Credit: The Mini Mermaid  and BeautyByMel

3. Metallic Finish

From matte nude lipstick to duo-tone lip gloss, we thought that they couldn’t possibly come up with any more lipstick trends. Until the first metallic lipstick went on the market and caused a total rave and we can totally see why!

These metallic lipsticks come in many different shades, some of the more popular ones are rose gold and silver. This is most suitable for the hipster brides who are exploding with edginess!

Credit: Favful

4. Back To Basic

Probably not the best time to say natural beauty is the best beauty, but  it seems like the hottest trends are always the “no make up, make up look”. We never thought this day would come until it actually did. Fake freckles are now a thing.

While the westerners are trying their best to cover their natural freckles, the rest of the globe is desperately drawing them on. For brides who are going for the boho vibe for your outdoor wedding, you might want to consider this trend for a sun-kissed look!

Credit: sandsunandmessybuns

5. Artsy Brows

When make up artist Eros Gomez photoshopped a braid onto her eyebrow as a joke, she didn’t expect it to be the next big beauty trend on social media. And people actually took it to the next level by drawing them on from scratch. Kudos to them but it’s going to be a tough journey finding a make up artist who can do this for you!

Credit: Allure

6. Twiggy Eyelashes

I thought twiggy eyelashes was just a made up name because the eyelashes look like little twigs but turns out it was named after a supermodel. Twiggy (that’s her name) rocked this sparse and clumped up eyelashes look in the 1960s and like all make up trends, it found its way back!

This slightly creepy eyelash look helps to dramatise and call attention to your eyes. If you are desperately trying to show off your beautiful eye colour on your big day, go ahead and try it!

Credit: Fashionisers

7. Baby Face

One of the longest standing Korea makeup trends and preached by many girls all over the world! This “Aegyo Sal” makeup puffs up your eye bags but instead of looking hideous like eye bags always do, they actually look kinda cute.

I can’t explain this strange phenomenon at all but I’m sold. Ladies, if you are losing sleep over the wedding, definitely incorporate this into your makeup look. Everybody is going to think those “eye bags” are intentional.

Credit: Style Korean

8. Rainbow Colours

This one is for the brides who are feeling a little “extra”. Why have just one blusher when you can have the whole rainbow on your face?! This rainbow highlighter has definitely raised the bar of all makeup trends.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

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