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10 Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Singapore That Are Even Better Than Shooting Outdoors

Singapore is a cafe-hopping heaven and you will always be able to find one somewhere around the corner. These quaint cafes are decorated beautifully into a variety of themes that will suit any kind of style you are looking for!

We have shortlisted the top most 10 Instagram-worthy cafes that are judged based on some stringent criteria. We are not just looking for a pretty cafe with gorgeous colour schemes!

1. Wimbly Lu

Nestled amidst the landed properties at Jalan Riang, you will never be able to chance upon this stealthy cafe by accident! The cosy ambience at Wimbly Lu is uncontested and it is best to have a seat at the back of the shop where there’s a brick wall feature and glass ceilings to let in plenty of natural light.

There’s a vintage car parked outside their shop that is free for you to take plenty of photos with as well!

Credit: sgfoodonfoot
Credit: sgfoodonfoot

2. Potato Head

Potato Head is located along Keong Saik Road at one of the most iconic corner buildings that you simply can’t miss! This is a quirky cafe with colourful wall murals most suitable for the hipsters. The best place for a photoshoot is at their rooftop top bar where you don’t have to worry about lighting the least bit!

Credit: Potato Head
Credit: Potato Head

3. Platform 1904

We have to admit this didn’t exactly pass our natural lighting criteria but we solemnly sweared we are up to no good. This magical cafe will transport you straight to Hogwarts in case you missed your letter of acceptance. You can even save on outfit costs since they provide wizard robes for you to fit right into the theme!

Credit: Thesmartlocal

4. The White Rabbit

This is one of the most popular cafes for solemnisations and weddings all for good reason!  The White Rabbit used to be a chapel, which explains its tall ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows. There’s also an outdoor garden featuring the iconic Rabbit Hole that has probably appeared on your Instagram feed more than once!

Credit: OneThreeOneFour
Credit: OneThreeOneFour

5. Looksee Looksee

This is one of the newest cafes on the block at Beach Road and we guarantees all ladies will love it! The pastel peach and mint colour theme is super swoon-worthy and the entire space is brightly lit since the cafe is meant to be a reading room!

Credit: Timeout
Credit: Timeout

6. Central Perk

All fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.S will adore this place! This unique cafe is decorated exactly like the coffee space that the gang in FRIENDS frequent. If you and your bae are total die hard fans of this popular TV series, this is the place to be! The only downside is that it is a little dark but nothing a good camera can’t fix!

Credit: Central Perk

7. Brunches Cafe

Brunches cafe at Rangoon road is full of old school charm! This is the perfect place for a #throwback photoshoot as the cafe has included so many retro details in their decoration. From traditional metal gates to decades-old magazine and even a vintage car, every spot in this cafe is picture-worthy!

Credit: Dessert Prince

8. Overeasy

Overeasy is a popular place for a hearty American meal and has been standing proud and tall at Fullerton Hotel for 8 years now. They recently renovated their space to resemble a classic American diner and you’ll feel like you stepped right into the states. This is definitely a good place to have a photoshoot as well as a sinfully good meal!

Credit: Female Mag
Credit: Female Mag

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