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3 Easy Weight Loss Tips to Shed Some Weight Before Your Big Day

Before you walk down the aisle, it’s important that you zip up your wedding dress first (duhh). Sucking in may be a good trick to squeeze into a gown that you bought a couple of months back but that would mean that you can’t drink a sip of water and have a bite of your delicious wedding food. Definitely doesn’t sound too great.

Here we are with 3 simple tips to help you better fit into your gown. These are some good habits to cultivate as well for a healthier lifestyle so keep on reading!

Eating The Right Food

Say NO to snacking because that’s most likely the roots of your increasing waistline and thickening thighs. Chips contain a high amount of sodium and its addictiveness causes you to munch & munch and before you realise, you finished the whole bag of chips!

Guilty? For sure.

Instead of snacking on unhealthy packets of chips or pieces of cookies, swap it up with healthier options such as yoghurt or nuts!

Credit: @thefffeed on Instagram

Portion Matters

Even though healthy food such as almond and nuts come with immense benefits, you’ll still need to be cautious of the portion that you’re eating. Eating a huge portion of healthy food still adds up to greater calories! In other words, swapping up chips for almonds doesn’t give you the leeway to binge on those nuts.

A smaller portion also ensures that you’re not stuffed full with food, allowing you to cut down on the intake of food.

The bowl on the right uses less cheese, quinoa, sweet potato, and chicken, and adds more veggies. Credit: Paula Norris

Eat Slowly

This is definitely a good habit to cultivate because studies have shown that those who eat slowly tend to weigh less than those who scarf down their food. So ladies and gentlemen, take it slow. Savour every bite of your food and taste them like you never did before.

They say sticking to the 80% diet and 20% exercising is your best bet for a healthy and sustainable weight loss so kickstart your journey of losing weight by disciplining what you consume daily! Couple it with some exercises for greater effects and you’ll be more than ready to make a beautiful entrance on your big day 🥰

All the best ladies and go be beautiful~

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