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When Is The Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) Season in Japan in 2017

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The cherry blossoms season remains a super popular period for couples to travel to Japan. Everyone wants to catch the cherry blossoms for their pre-wedding and engagement photoshoot. Unfortunately, its hard to catch when the flowers will be in full bloom. Fret not, we have some dates that to guide you to your spring holiday in Japan.

The 2017 Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) Forecast in Japan

The dates below are from Japan Meteorological Corporation, which released the forecast on recently. We’ll be updating the dates if there are new updates from other sources.

cherry blossoms japan 2017 forecast
Image Credit: Japan Meteorological Corporation


City/Region First bloom Full bloom
Tokyo 22-Mar 30-Mar
Kyoto 27-Mar 4-Apr
Kobe 30-Mar 7-Apr
Nara 28-Mar 5-Apr
Osaka 28-Mar 4-Apr
Sapporo 4-May 8-May
Nagoya 23-Mar 2-Apr
Toyama 7-Apr 12-Apr
Yokohama 26-Mar 3-Apr


Cherry Blossoms Photoshoot in Japan

Planning for a photoshoot during your holiday in Japan, why not check out these photoshoots with under the cherry blossoms, by OneThreeOneFour’s photographers:

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2. Engagement Shoot at Kyoto, Japan

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3. Jack & Misa’s cherry blossom engagement photoshoot in Tokyo

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4. Everyday Love – a documentary style shoot in Japan

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