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16 Top Wedding Makeup Artists in Singapore For Every Budget

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For every bride out there, the wedding day is probably one of the most important day of her life, a day that she has been dreaming of ever since she was young. It is no secret then, that every bride wants to put her best face forward on this day, for it will also be a day where all eyes will be on her.

Having the right makeup artist is essential in helping you to create a flawless and gorgeous look for your special day, aside from having the right wedding dress and bridal shoes!

In this post, we’ve got a list of makeup artists in Singapore that you would not want to miss out knowing on. We have categorised them based on their rates for 2 sessions of bridal makeup and hairstyling for the actual day wedding.

For brides with a budget $

We all know that weddings do not come cheap in Singapore. For brides who have to tighten the purse strings a little when it comes to their big day, don’t fret because there are some talented makeup artists that provide affordable services.

1. Ling’s Palette, $450

makeup artist singapore wedding ling's palette onethreeonefour

Ling’s Palette is a makeup and hairstylist artist that specialises in clean and natural makeup. With this approach to make up, your natural features will be enhanced and you will have a bridal look that will be classic and timeless forever. Think subtle, natural-looking lashes, a hint of blush and a pop of colour on the lips.

Ling’s Palette AD Wedding Package from $450

  • Skincare Analysis and Makeup + Hair Styling Consultation
  • 1 Trial Makeup & Hair Styling
  • Complimentary Eyebrow Trimming
  • 1 Day -Bridal Makeup & Hair Styling (including faux lashes & ampoule)
  • 1 Night -Bridal Makeup & Hair Styling (including faux lashes & ampoule)
  • Complimentary Makeup & Hair Styling for Groom (for day & night)
  • Free Rental of Bridal Hair Accessories
  • All Transport Charges Included

Website: Ling’s Palette


2. Bridal Makeup SG, $450

makeup artist singapore wedding bridal makeup sg onethreeonefour

Founded by Yvonne, Bridal Makeup Artist Singapore signature makeup styles are the natural look and korean fashion look. For brides who would want to have a classic and natural look for their wedding day for an inexpensive rate, then you may want to consider this package from Bridal Makeup Artist Singapore.

Bridal Makeup’s AD Wedding package for $450

  • 2 makeup + 2 hairdo
  • Price includes 2 pairs of eyelashes, 2 ampoules, eyebrow trimming and body foundation

Website: Bridal Makeup Artist Singapore


3. Farfalla Perlata, $500

makeup artist singapore wedding farfalla perlata onethreeonefour

Farfalla Perlate believes that beauty goes beyond skin deep, but it is also about confidence and personality. With this belief, Farfalla Perlata’s style of makeup is to listen to your preference and know more about your personality, to bring out the best in you.

Farfalla Perlata’s AD Wedding Package from $500

  • Morning and evening makeup and hairstyling
  • Includes primer, fake eyelashes, hair accessories rental, early morning surcharge
  • Free trial makeup

Website: Farfalla Perlata


4. Sherry Yeo, $500

makeup artist singapore wedding sherry yeo onethreeonefour

Having experiences from New York and Shanghai, and having worked with several top celebrities like Cara Delevinge and Suzanna Bijoch, you can be assured of Sherry Yeo’s professionalism and expertise. With such talents, Sherry will be able to put your best face forward and create a bridal look that will have the wow-factor.

Sherry Yeo’s AD Wedding Package for $500 (200 mins)

  • 2 x Fresh makeup & Hairstyling – 1st look for Morning ceremony – 2nd look for Solemization/Wedding dinner
  • Prices includes: Collagen ampules, cosmetic eyelashes, brow trimming, bridal hair accessories, bridal veil (available upon request), fresh flowers for hair (available upon request), makeup service at location of your choice and a set of touch-up kit (lip colour, eyelash glue, foundation, eyeshadow)

Website: Sherry Yeo


For brides who want to pamper themselves $$

For brides who have got more budget for their bridal makeup and hairstyling, and want to pamper themselves, here are three makeup artists that you cannot miss out on! 

5. Lynda Low, $650lynda low singapore makeup artist wedding

A talented and professional bridal makeup artist, Lynda Low promises to bring out your best features using high quality cosmetics. She will help you create an elegant and sophisticated bridal look that will complement your wedding dress so prepared to shine on your big day!

Lynda Low’s AD Wedding Package for $650

  • Two makeup and two hairdo at your location
  • Price includes: false eyelashes and loan of accessories

Website: Lynda Low


6. Zen Makeup, $680

makeup artist singapore wedding zen makeup onethreeonefour

Zen Makeup has more than 10 years of experience in the bridal makeup industry. With her attention to details and pride in her work, Zen Makeup has received excellent client satisfaction, and has built a reputation for her expertise. With Zen Makeup, you’ll definitely look stunning when you tie the knot!

Zen Makeup’s AD Wedding Package for $680

  • 2 Make-up + 2 Hair-do
  • 1 trial makeup at my location
  • Face primer
  • Eyelashes

Website: Zen Makeup


7. Mrs Fish Bridal Makeup and Hair, $700

makeup artist singapore wedding mrs fish bridal makeup and hair

Founded by Elaine Ting, Mrs Fish Bridal Makeup and Hair is a professional bridal makeup team that wants you to look your best for any special occasions. Every bride deserves to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day, and with the sweet and romantic looks that this makeup company can create for you, you’ll be a dazzlingly beautiful bride!

Mrs Fish Bridal Makeup and Hair’s AD Wedding Package for $700 (for senior artist)

  • 1 morning and 1 evening banquet makeup and hairstyle
  • Includes 2 sets of accessories (hair piece/ necklace/ earrings)

Website: Mrs Fish Bridal Makeup and Hair 


8. Joyce Yeo, $720

makeup artist singapore wedding joyce yeo onethreeonefour

From corporate events, to D&D to bridal looks, Joyce Yeo definitely has a large number of clients and portfolio under her name. With her vast experience, you are sure to be satisfied with Joyce’s skills, talents and professionalism. An artist who quitted her corporate job to pursue her love for makeup and hairstyling, you can tell how passionate she is about making her clients look good!

Joyce Yeo’s AD Wedding Package for $720

  • 2 sessions of makeup and hair + 1 trial
  • Including rental of hair accessories, veil and 1 full hair and makeup trial. lashes provided for trial and AD.

Website: Joyce Yeo Makeup 


9. Valda Goh, $800

makeup artist wedding singapore vanda goh onethreeonefour

Valda Goh is a Singapore-based professional makeup and hairstyling artist. With experiences in fashion, beauty, film and bridal industry, you can be rest assured with the quality of services offered by Valda Goh. You will bound to look flawless and gorgeous on your big day and all eyes will definitely be on you as you walk down the aisle.

Valda Goh’s AD Wedding Package for $800

  • 2 x Airbrush makeup
  • 2 x Hairstyling
  • 1 x 2hrs trial
  • Price also includes eyebrow trimming, skin conditioning ampoule, cosmetic eyelashes for all makeup, natural hair extensions (if required), bridal veils (available upon request), bridal accessories from stylists’ collection, complimentary makeup touch up and hairstyling of groom, makeup service at location of your choice (within mainland Singapore)

Website: Valda Goh


10. TheLittleBrush Makeup, $850

makeup artist wedding singapore the little brush onethreeonefour

TheLittleBrush Makeup believes that every bride should look more beautiful than she could ever have imagined. Specialising in bridal and fashion makeup and hairstyling, especially natural makeup looks, TheLittleBrush Makeup is definitely the right makeup artist to go to if you’re looking for a look that accentuates your natural features perfectly.

TheLittleBrush Makeup AD Wedding $850

  • 2 sessions of makeup and hairstyling on actual day (morning and evening)
  • 1 session of full trial makeup and hairstyling in studio
  • Transportation (service will be conducted at client’s location and transportation charge is already inclusive in the package)
  • With complimentary faux eyelashes, eyebrow trimming, touch-up and hairstyling for groom during banquet (same location as bride) and loan of accessories (deposit required)

Website:  TheLittleBrush Makeup


11. Ponnie Hsu Makeup Studio, $880

makeup artist wedding singapore ponnie hsu onethreeonefour

A professional makeup-stylist from Taiwan with many years of experience, going to Ponnie Hsu to get your ideal bridal look will ensure that you’ll be the happiest and prettiest bride on your wedding day.

Ponnie Hsu AD Wedding Package for $880

  • 1 session of trial makeup with hairdo and all accessories at Ponnie Hsu Studio
  • Bridegroom’s hairdo (location with bride for night banquet)
  • Fake eyelashes (Day and night) for brides only
  • Ampoule (Day and Night) for brides only
  • Do note that if you do not take up the package after the trial makeup and hairdo, $200 will be charged (non-refundable)

Website: Ponnie Hsu Professional Makeup Studio


12. Ms Secret Makeup & Photography Studio, $880

makeup artist singapore wedding ms secret onethreeonefour

Ms Secret Makeup and Photography Studio, also affectionately known as Ms Secret is a Singapore-based makeup artist. We love the soft and sweet look she is able to create whilst enhancing your natural features. You don’t have to go overboard on the makeup to look stunning, but a clean and natural makeup will make you pretty all the same!

Ms Secret’s AD Wedding Package for $880

  • Actual day and night makeup and hairstyling
  • Price includes trial makeup, fake eyelashes, free eyebrow trimming, touch up for groom

Website: Ms Secret


13. The Makeup Room, $950

makeup artist wedding the make up room onethreeonefour

You know you can trust the skills and expertise of a makeup company if they have got numerous portfolios with fashion magazines,  local theatre productions and bridal services. And that is why you can be assured that The Makeup Room will help you look your best when you get hitched! Check out this package by The Makeup Room.

The Makeup Room AD Wedding Package for $950

  • 1 session of trial at The Makeup Room’s studio (day and evening looks)
  • 2 sessions of fresh bridal hair and makeup on wedding day
  • 1 session of touch up and change of hairstyle

Website: The Makeup Room


For brides who want to splurge a little $$$

For brides who are able to splurge on their bridal makeup and really desire for a flawless and gorgeous look on their big day, check out these 2 talented makeup artists that will definitely give you more bang for your buck!

14. Cherry Au from Autelier Makeup, $1000

makeup artist singapore wedding cherry au atelier onethreeonefour

Autelier Makeup is one of Singapore’s finest bridal makeup company around. With a vision to exceed every of your expectation and to cater to your expectations, you will be definitely be dolled up with a pair of talented hands, and a pair of listening ears which will be keen to suit their makeup to your preferences.

If you are willing to splurge a little more, why not get Cherry Au, the founder of Autelier Makeup, to help you look your very best on the most important day of your life?

Cherry Au’s AD Wedding Package for $1000

  • Trial session includes makeup & hair consultation, accessories and cosmetics suitability
  • Actual makeup service includes: 2 x fresh makeup & hairstyling
  • Option of using airbrush makeup, bridal accessories from artist’s collection, skin conditioning ampoules, cosmetic eyelashes, brow trimming, natural hair extensions (when required) and bridal veils (upon request)

Website: Cherry Au from the Autelier Makeup


15. Candy T. Makeup Artistry, $1080

makeup artist singapore wedding candy t makeup artistry

A professional makeup artist and styling with more than 10 years of experience under her belt, Candy Tiong has received numerous recognition for her talents. Candy believes that makeup should be about enhancing one’s features, and with her skills, you’ll be able to have a bridal look that is not only natural, but also flawless and stunning!

Candy T.’s AD Wedding Package Details for $1080

  • One fresh day bridal makeup + one bridal hairdo
  • One fresh evening bridal makeup + one bridal hairdo
  • One bridal trial makeup and hairstyling session at studio
  • Complementary services for groom (at same location), and skincare treatment, faux eyelash, eyebrow trimming, hair accessories etc for bride

Website: Candy T. Makeup Artistry


16. Cleo Chang, $1400

makeup artist-wedding-singapore-cleo chang-onethreeonefour

Winner of Cozycot 100 Best Loved Beauty Professionals in 2011, Cleo Chang is a familiar name not only in the world of weddings, but also in the commercial and fashion industry. A makeup artist who believes in enhancing natural beauty, Cleo Chang will definitely be able to help you look your best on your wedding day without any too overly dramatic looks.

Cleo Chang’s AD Wedding Package for $1400

  • One fresh day make up + one day hair do
  • One fresh evening make up + one evening hair do
  • One hair trial

Website: Cleo Chang Makeup

Do keep in mind that the prices should be taken as a rough guideline. Please do contact the makeup artists directly for a more accurate quotation 🙂

Now that you have a better idea about makeup artists, check out our other guides on top bridal boutiques and wedding shoes!

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