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How to Pick the Right Wedding Photographer

One of the most important aspects of your wedding is the wedding photos. You want to pick the right wedding photographer to capture your story.

After researching about the photo shoot packages that you want, you should learn more about the photographer of your choice. Here are some things you can take note of to pick the right wedding photographer.

Photography Style


You can find out about a photographer’s style through his past works. A photographer can do black and white, candid, journalistic or even underwater, which styles would you like for your wedding photo? Browse a photographer past works and you would be able to have a feel of the photography styles that you prefer or he excels in.


Before you can get a beautiful photo shoot, remember that the photographer will be working closely with you during the photo shoot. Your photographer needs to get you! You can get hints of a photographer personality from how he describe himself, his work. But the best way is to message him and have a chat.

Familiarity With The Location

Various Cities for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

It is absolutely essential that your photographer is familiar with the locations for your photo shoots. Where the light is coming from? Which are the unique spots that best complements the couple with the background? A photographer who is familiar with the spots will have greater confident directing the shots for you and your significant other.

Prepare Prepare Prepare

Monsoon Season in Bali

Outdoor shots can easily go wrong, e.g. bad weather, crowded spots, unexpected closure of locations. There are always a slight chance that things stray away from your plan. Check with photographer his/her Plan B – what are the back up plans when things go wrong?

A great wedding photo shoot begins with picking the right wedding photographer. Looking beyond the details for the photoshoot package, I’ve shared with you some other points that you should consider before booking a photographer. Do you have some tips that you want to share with us about picking the right wedding photographer? Share with us below!

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