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Hokkaido’s Lavender Season 2020 – Top 10 Lavender Fields & When To Visit

Hokkaido is a popular destination for many travellers around the world. Besides visiting Hokkaido in winter for its scenic snowy scenes, you might want to consider visiting during the equally, if not more spectacular summer season while planning for your upcoming trips. Every summer, Hokkaido flourishes with life as the lush lavender fields come into full bloom. Just imagine being surrounded by the endless carpets of gorgeous lilac lavenders, it’s a sight that you must witness with your own eyes.

To all the lavender lovers out there, we’ve done the homework for you and sourced for the 10 best lavender farms as well as peak periods to visit. Read on and enjoy the beautiful sceneries this summer to the fullest!

1. Tomita Lavender Farm

Highlights: One of Hokkaido’s most famous lavender farm with a variety of flower fields. There are even shops and cafes that you can pop by and have a taste of the unique lavender soft-serve ice cream!

Peak Period: Mid July

Tomita Lavender Farm Pre-Wedding

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Lavender Soft Serve Couple Pre-Wedding

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2. Hinode Park Lavender Garden

Highlights: The Bell of Love (Ai no Kane) monument is an extremely popular spot for couples and definitely our favourite pre-wedding photo spot as well. It is located below the observation deck where you can have a panoramic view of the lavender fields.

Peak Period: Mid July – Late July

Hinode Park Lavender Garden Bell Of Love Couple Pre-Wedding
Hinode Park Lavender Garden Couple Pre-Wedding

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3. Saika no Sato Farm

Highlights: Besides lavenders, gorgeous landscape views of Mount Tokachidake and Mount Ashibetsudake can be seen from the farm. There are also a wide variety of lavender products available for tourists.

Peak Period: July

Saika no Sato Farm Couple Pre-Wedding
Saika no Sato Farm Couple Pre-Wedding 2

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4. Shikisai-no-Oka

Highlights: The flower garden of Biei is not only renowned for its lavenders but also for other summer blooms like sunflower, lupins, cosmos and tulips. Known as the Hill of Seasonal Colours, it is one of the best places to visit in Hokkaido during summer as you can catch a glimpse of the rolling being painted with shades of the rainbow.

Peak Period: July – August (For lavenders)

Shikisai-no-Oka Couple Pre-Wedding
Credit: Matteoingiappone

5. Flower Land Kamifurano

Highlights: The farm has a long flowering season and is open every April till November due to its wide selection of flowers harvested, blooming one after another. There are also special activities where you can ride their popular tractor bus as you enjoy the scent of flowers or even hands-on experience where you can make plates and scented sachets from handpicked flowers.

Peak Period: Early July – Late July

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Flower Land Kamifurano Tractor
Credit: Yak Pai Hokkaido

6. Choei Lavender Farm

Highlights: Enjoy a lovely ride on the ski lift as you admire the scenic lavender views against the Tokachi Mountain landscape. There are also 4 different types of lavenders – Noushi Hayazaki, Misetosekka, Okamurasaki and Lavandin.

Peak Period: Mid July – Late July

Choei Lavender Farm Ski Lift
Credit: Freepik

7. Highland Furano

Highlights: For an ultimate lavender viewing experience, why not soak in an open-air hot spring while admiring the purple sea of lavender? Highland Furano is the only location offering a natural onsen overlooking full blooms of lavender.

Peak Period: Mid July – End July

Highland Furano Lavender Season

8. Lavender East

Highlights: View Japan’s largest lavender field via the lavender bus which offers a magnificent view and guided tours.

Peak Period: Mid July

Lavender East
Credit: Farm Tomita

9. Horomitoge Lavender Gardens

Highlights: If you’re not intending to travel out of Sapporo to catch a glimpse of lavenders, this is a secret spot on the edge of Sapporo town where you can enjoy the beautiful blooms. You can even handpick some lavenders home or catch a sweeping view of the Sapporo city from the top of the hills!

Peak Period: Early July – End July

Horomitoge Lavender Gardens
Credit: Hokkaido Guide

10. Furano Wine House

Highlights: Located on a hill, the Furano Wine House offers stunning views of the Furano city. Enjoy a glass of wine as you admire the beautiful lavender fields and panoramic view of the Tokachi mountain range.

Peak Period: Mid July

Furano Wine House
Credit: Furano Tourism Association

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