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15 Wedding Caterers in Singapore That Will Impress Your Guests

Wedding’s are a joyous occasion so what better way to celebrate your matrimony but with a feast of scrumptious food? We’ve collated a list of wedding food caterers in Singapore that are reputable for their service, quality of food and table decorations!

1. Orange Clove Catering

Image credit: Andri Tei Photography

An extensive 23 page PDF file on their wedding packages has been prepared by OC Weddings, the wedding arm of Orange Clove Catering. They have a good variety of packages that cater to weddings with different requirements, be it a sit-down event or a standing buffet. OC Weddings even provide thematic styling, wedding favours, solemnization set up, professional butlers, and uniformed chef if required. Give Orange Clove a call and ask to speak to Ms Janice Fong regarding your wedding needs, and she will advise you on their packages.

Contact: +65 6515 0991

2. Mum’s Kitchen

wedding caterers for your big feast mums kitchen
Image credit: Mum’s Kitchen website

Established in 1996, Mum’s Kitchen has had many years of experience in the catering industry. They cater for wedding tea and cocktail receptions as well as for buffet tables. Provision of other services that you may want to consider include doing up of church wedding decor, tentage setup and hiring of service staff with a minimum of 4 hours.

Contact: +65 6346 0969

3. Orchid Thai Catering

wedding caterers for your big feast orchid thai catering
Image credit: Orchid Thai Catering Facebook’s page

Thai food lovers, Orchid Thai Catering is something you ought to check out!  Simply download the menu to see the range of dishes they offer. This includes popular Thai green curry, tom yum seafood soup and mango glutinous rice with coconut cream for a fan-thai-stic wedding treat!

Contact: +65 67427910 or +65 96827824

4. CJS Catering

Wedding caterers for your big feast cjs catering
Image credit: CJS Catering’s Facebook page

If you do not see a particular dish that you’d like to order in their wedding menu, simply let CJS Catering know and they will try their best to accommodate to your requests.

Contact: +65 6383 3113

5. Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

wedding caterers for your big feast straits chinese nyonya
Image credit: Straits Chinese Nonya’s Facebook page

If you’re already a big fan of Straits Chinese Nonya restaurant, you can simply order their Nonya dishes for your wedding catering! Some of their restaurant specialties are offered in the wedding packages and these include their nonya kuehs and sambal sotong dish. Additionally, only a minimum order of 30 is required so it’s perfect for those who are having a more intimate wedding!

Contact: +65 6534 7328

6. Cita Rasa Kitchen

wedding caterers for your big feast cita rasa kitchen
Image credit: Cita Rasa Kitchen’s website

At Cita Rasa Kitchen, they offer 2 wedding packages for couples to choose from. Other than a variety of food selections, these packages include a Champagne fountain (Sparkling juice), a solemnization table with 5 chairs and a fresh floral centerpiece. A guest book and 2 attendance staffs will be provided as well.

Contact: +65 6758 5888

7. How’s Catering

wedding caterers for your big feast hows catering
Image credit: How’s Catering’s Facebook page

Although their website is currently undergoing some changes, brides-to-be can still get catering information from their Facebook page.

Contact: +65 6852 2852

8. Eatzi Gourmet Catering

wedding caterers for your big feast eatzi gourmet
Image credit: Eatzi Gourmet’s Facebook page

At Eatzi Gourmet Catering, they provide catering services that will suit your celebrations need. Be it a high tea ceremony or a dinner reception, they have 8 menus available for your selection.

Contact: +65 6858 0111

9. Belly Good

wedding caterers for your big feast belly good
Image credit: Belly Good’s Facebook page

Under the umbrella of Tung Lok Group, Belly Good offers 4 different wedding catering packages. With that, they also offer a complimentary food tasting for 6 people for the selected dishes based on the confirmed menu you have chosen.

Contact: +65 6694 1717

10. Amici Events and Catering

wedding caterers for your big feast amici events and catering
Image credit: Amici’s Facebook page

With big clients under their catering sleeves such as J.P Morgan and the National Gallery of Singapore, Amici Events and Catering promises to take on events with a passionate heart and a spirit of excellence.

Contact: +65 6542 5679

11. SK Catering

wedding caterers for your big feast sk catering
Image credits: SK Catering’s Facebook page

Although there are no specific wedding menus available at SK Catering, they have an array of menus from buffet tables to tea reception menus for you to choose from for your wedding catering services.

Contact: +65 6411 4994

12. Purple Sage

wedding caterers for your big feast purple sage
Image credit: Purple Sage’s Facebook page

With 3 variations of wedding menus at your disposal, give Purple Sage a call and speak to their wedding consultants to begin your catering journey with them!

Contact: +65 6396 6990

13. Continental Delight

wedding caterers for your big feast continental delight
Image credit: Continental Delight’s Facebook page

Continental Delight offers 7 wedding menus as part of their catering services. Other miscellaneous items such as floral centerpieces, additional tables and chairs can be ordered too. Simply add these at the checkout page!

Contact: +65 6665 0222

14. Best Catering

Despite not having any menus for wedding receptions, Best Catering has approximately 9 other catering menus (6 regular menus and 3 high tea menus) that you can always consider ordering for your solemnization day!

Contact: +65 6261 1011

15. Tim’s Fine Catering

wedding caterers for your big feast tims fine catering
Image credit: Tim’s Fine Catering’s Facebook page

Tim’s Fine Catering offers a variety of mid range, high end and exclusive (think tiger prawns with melting foie gras) menus for brides-to-be to choose from. They also allow you to combine different menus together so give them a call and they’ll be more than willing to help you out!

Contact: +65 8223 4333

With all that has been mentioned above, we hope that there was enough variety for you to find something that suits your palette. Do you have any outstanding caterers you’ve come across but were not featured in this list? Leave a comment down below to let us know!

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