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12 Wedding Poses for Brides that Bring Out the Bridal Magazine Glam

Although the bride and groom are together the stars of a wedding photoshoot, there may be occasions whereby the photographer would take a few more solo shots of the bride.

After all, the brides are the ones who have to go through all the trouble to look pretty, sitting for hours to get their hair and makeup done. Besides, those beautiful wedding dresses has got to be one of the biggest highlights of wedding photos.

That’s why we have compiled some solo poses for all the lovely brides out there to steal their own shots out of a bridal magazine styled shoot.

1. Back Bouquet

A modest pose that emphasises the length and flowiness of a gown and creates a taller and slimmer silhouette.

bride poses with bouquet behind her back

bride poses with bouquet behind her back

2. Front Bouquet

A bridal classic, this sweet pose brings out different vibes depending on how you position the flowers.

bride poses while holding a bouquet

bride poses while holding a bouquet

3. Fanned Skirt

This glamourous pose cannot be missed if you are wearing a gown with a wide skirt.

bride poses with a fanned out skirt

bride poses with a fanned out skirt

4. Lift the Skirts and Run

Like Cinderella before the clock strikes 12, the image of a long trailing gown adds a whimsical touch. It is also a perfect way to showcase the beautiful back details of your dress.

bride runs with skirt trailing behind her

bride runs with skirt trailing behind her

5. Spark a Thought

Finger on chin – an adorable pose that brings out a look of innocence.

bride poses with finger on chin

6. Hold Your Arm

Slightly abashed or emitting sexiness, pick your vibe.

bride poses while holding her arm

bride poses while holding her arm

7. Lie On Your Knee

This serene pose that accentuates your jawline works best with natural backdrops.

brides poses while leaning on her knee

brides poses while lying on her knee

8. Sit with Your Skirts Outspread

Just like a princess waiting for her prince charming.

bride sits with dress spread out around her

9. Turned Away

Fix your sight afar for that air of mystery.

bride looks away with skirt trailing behind

10. Touch the Walls

Leave lingering touches on the wall while you let your gaze wander.

bride lets her hand linger on the walls

bride poses while touching the wall

11. Tame that Windswept Hair

Keep the stray strands away from your face while exuding a soft elegance.

bride pushes back her hair

bride pushes back her hair

12. Toy with Your Long Veil

For that simple touch of bridal magic.

bride holds onto a long veil

With all these solo posing ideas, we hope you are now on the way to becoming the star of your own wedding photos! For brides out there who need more inspiration, check out these 9 photoshoot poses for girls that will turn you into an influencer overnight.

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