Mimi And Miguel

Korea Studio Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Client: Mimi And Miguel, From Panama

Perseverance Is Key: A Message A Day Until She Says "Okay"

Miguel and Mimi had their pre-wedding photos taken at the well-loved Face Studio in Korea and they looked just as good as any Kpop idols in the photos! When we asked this gorgeous couple more about their love story, we realised that such a perfect couple doesn't come without much effort and perseverance!

How They Met

Mimi: "Honestly? We met through Facebook. Miguel is a very perseverant guy. He would message me every day for about 2 months but I just ignored him."

WOAHWOAH at this point, all girls will be thinking who's this weirdo? but Mimi decided to ask her friends whether they knew him and realised that Miguel was her friend's cousin. Fortunately, that leaves the "is he a creep?" checkbox unticked!

We thought this storyline only exists in dramas until it happened to the both of them. "One day I was supposed to go out with my friend but she ditched me and Miguel asked me out on the same day. I had my makeup ready and I was like, why not? Plus, my friend knew him so how bad can it be?" and that was how their story started.

How Did He Propose

"I don't remember what he said but I cried. Haha."

"Miguel got my girl friends to get my nails done and made sure I had my makeup on and was all dressed up. It happened at a rooftop of a nice Japanese restaurant where he hired a jazz band. I don't remember what he said but I cried. Haha."

Guys, that's why you need to hire a videographer to record down the touching speech that you rehearsed 1 million times. A girl so overwhelmed with surprise and excitement will not process anything besides your handsome face and that sparkly diamond in your hand.

Why Did They Decide On A Studio Shoot?

They decided to shoot both in the studio and outdoors, which was offered by Face Studio. It was also the cherry blossoms season so they managed to get many lovely shots at the park with the beautiful blooms!

Any Tips For Couples Planning A Pre-Wedding?

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