Fiona And Wilson

Admire All The Colours Of Fall At Shosei-En Garden

Client: Fiona And Wilson, From Singapore

A Splended Kimono Photoshoot In Kyoto During The Gorgeous Autumn Season

Our couple, Fiona and Wilson, decided to have a Kimono engagement photoshoot in Kyoto's Gion district, where they could soak in the traditional ambience at its best. Check out the vibrant photoshoot below and the story of how Fiona made the first move in their relationship!

First Encounter

They met through their mutual friend and when asked who she would pick as a boyfriend amongst the group of guys, Fiona immediately picked Wilson as he fits into what she was looking for in a partner. "Quiet, shy, honest and he has a cute smile". Fiona decided to make the first move and asked her mutual friend to arrange for them to meet for dinner and that’s how they started!

The Proposal

After dating for about 6 years, Wilson planned a trip to Taiwan for the both of them but it was only when they were checking in at the airport that he revealed they were going to Korea instead! Fiona was thrilled as she was a total fan of Korea. Wilson made the trip even better by proposing at Yeouido Park when it was full of cherry blossoms. He even planned for their friends to surprise her there!

What Do You Love About Each Other

"We are literally opposites of each other but somehow fit like a puzzle and complete each other’s sentences. I like that he is very down-to-earth, analytical and quiet. I have OCD tendencies and plan a lot. But when plans don’t go my way, I get quite upset and frustrated. He will calm me down, come up with Plan B and takes over from there."

Kind Words For OneThreeOneFour

"It was our first time doing a photoshoot and Eve helped to recommend the type of Kimono, location and schedule for the shoot. She responds very quickly and I felt very assured and in safe hands! We are also glad we picked Shu Hao as our photographer as he is very understanding, gentle and patient towards us as it is our first time."

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