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Pre-wedding Photo Themes: Black and White Photo Booth Photos

Last week Kim Kardashian posted a series of photos on Instagram, for her 1st year wedding anniversary. I spotted a couple of photos that we really like! These photos were taken in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding photo booth in Paris, last May. Although the photos are taken on an actual day wedding, you can easily have these photos taken as your pre wedding photos too!

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I love these series of photos and I think it could be use as a pre-wedding photoshoot theme! The monochrome colours removes all distractions from and focus on their expression. It has to be black and white! Trust me! The casual style that comes from a photo booth. Yet, you dress up like a true gentleman and lady. It feels like they’re taking a break off a hectic wedding day! That’s why I love this series of wedding photos.

Although Kardashian and West’s wedding reportedly cost $2.8 million, we think you this series of photo booth style wedding photos wouldn’t break your bank.

Sweet affection between Kardashian and Kanye

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In our Pre-wedding series, we hope to share with you great pre wedding photo ideas, from photographers all over the world. Pin these cute photo onto your own Pinterest board!

What do you think of having photo booth wedding photos as part of your pre-wedding photos? Let us know your thought in the comments!

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