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How to Use Pinterest for Your Wedding

Pinterest is like a match-made between technology and wedding. It’s free, it’s beautiful and saves us lots of time.

Like many soon-to-wed couples, I’m sure you have seen many friends using Pinterest to plan their wedding. We’ve come up with 5 top tips that will super charge your planning for wedding with Pinterest.

1. Start by following

There are plenty of pins about wedding on Pinterest. Start by following users who pins quality stuff on Pinterest. Make use of existing pins and repin them onto your board. Follow us on Pinterest! We have already curated the pins for you, saving you lots of time browsing the Internet for great ideas.

2. Make it a secret

Yeah you know… sometimes during the early stages of planning your wedding, you want to keep things private. Maybe you don’t want nosy folks to pester you about your big day when you’re still busy planning it. Pinterest allows you to keep the board a secret.

3. Collaborate your board

It’s not fun planning your wedding day on your own. Certainly not fair too! Keep your significant other involved in the planning of the big day! It’s easy to collaborate on Pinterest, just invite him/her via email.

The best part is, collaboration works with secret board too. Now that you’ve got your accomplice on board, start pining away!

4. Install the Pinterest app

The Pinterest app would supercharge your planning. With the Pinterest app, you can pin anywhere, any useful websites or beautiful pictures that you come across on your phone. For folks that prefer working from the desktop, you can get the Pin It button.

5. Pinterest + Maps

This is super handy when you’re planning locations for your wedding photoshoot. Not only can you pin those beautiful wedding photos, you can even tag it with a location! With a glimpse, you can easily the photos that you can take in each location.

We’ve just started one board, Bali Wedding Photo Locations.

[pin_board url=”” size=”custom” image_width=”180″ board_height=”350″]

Oh, this works equally well if you’re exploring locations to hold your wedding venue.

Now start pinning!

Do you Pinterest to plan for your wedding too? If you have any great tips, share it with other couples by commenting below!

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