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4 Wedding Planning Tools for the Modern Bride

Stress! This is a common problem faced by many couples planning for their wedding. We have prepared 4 wedding planning tools any modern couples would love. Don’t worry, most of these tools are free!

1. Google Spreadsheet (Free)

Wedding planning can get pretty complicated. Compiling the guest list, vendor list and planning your budget is best done on a spreadsheet. I love to do the planning on Google Spreadsheet because you can collaborate easily. I’d invite my partner and we’ll edit the spreadsheet together. A spreadsheet is easily accessible anywhere, whether I’m on my mobile or tablet I can access my wedding plan.

You can start with this all-in-one wedding planner. Alternatively, you can check out the other wedding planning templates.

2. Pinterest (Free)

How can we not include Pinterest in this list? Pinterest is made for wedding planning! I use Pinterest for many facets of my wedding. I had a dedicated board for dressing up, a board for photoshoot locations, another for poses that we want. You can also use Pinterest to plan your wedding decorations, i.e., invitation cards, wedding favours, bouquets and etc.

You should check out our tips to supercharge your wedding planning with Pinterest. You can also follow us on Pinterest, we regularly pin beautiful wedding photos, engagement shoots and wedding favours.

3. Evernote (Free)

Sometimes there are just somethings that are not suitable for a board or a spreadsheet. This is when I’ll use Evernote. It’s a notebook for all my other nitty gritty stuff.

When I see something that I think could be useful for our wedding, I would snap the photo into my Evernote. Not any chat app, since it is so difficult to search later on. I also use Evernote to snip various information from websites via the webclipper, You can save an entire webpage into Evernote, where you can access it offline later.

Evernote works great for wedding planning because you can collaborate. I would invite my fiancee directly to a shared notebook so that she can access all my notes. And it is available everywhere, Web, Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

4. Spotify (Ad-free with paid subscription)

With Spotify, you have an endless choice of songs to choose from! Spotify allows collaboration on a playlist. It is easy for you to get friends to pick their favourite songs to rock the wedding party! And the good news is, you only need to pay for one month’s subscription. You only need to pay for 1 month for the premium plan, so that you wouldn’t have ads playing in the middle of your wedding.

Here are a few ready-made playlist for your big day: Wedding First Dance, Wedding Floorfillers.


What other tools are you using?

Do you have any other tools that you find useful for your wedding planning? Share it with other couples by dropping a comment below. Cheers!

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