Overseas Wedding Photography

Learn about our hassle-free overseas wedding photoshoots
Destination wedding photoshoots are gaining popularity as couples are exploring more exotic places to document their relationship at. Be it pre-wedding photography or a post-wedding photoshoot to celebrate your marriage, there is something for every couple.

Best Wedding Photoshoot Destinations

Wondering where to take wedding photos overseas? At OneThreeOneFour we are constantly searching and developing the best destinations to take your wedding photos. Here are our most popular destinations chosen by couples from all over the world.


Experience the beautiful, the kawaii and the quirky all packed into one country: Japan! Don luxurious silk kimonos while gazing at the cherry blossoms in Spring, or feed the adorable deers native to Nara while on your pre-wedding in Japan. Japan is not short of scenery that will leave you and your partner breathless and wanting more. If you are lucky enough, the elusive Fuji-san might appear on a clear, cloudless day and leave you both with an unforgettable memory.
Overseas wedding photography in Tokyo
Overseas wedding photography in Kyoto
Overseas wedding photography in Nara
Overseas wedding photography in Hokkaido


Ever wanted to star in your very own Korean love drama? This one is guaranteed to have a happy ending! Korea is famous for its dramas set in its beautiful landscape, boasting of the sights and scenery that this country offers. Let us make your dreams true by dressing you up in traditional hanboks while on your Korea wedding photoshoot for an immersive, cultural experience like no other.
Overseas wedding photography in Seoul studio
Overseas wedding photography in Seoul city
Overseas wedding photography in Jeju Island
Overseas wedding photography in Nami Island

New Zealand

Fancy being on top of the world, with no one else but the one you love the most right beside you? Take a big breath because not only do our New Zealand pre-wedding packages offer natural backdrops of lakes, forests and valleys, but also exhilarating helicopter rides to the peak of any mountain if you so choose! Come with us for an adventure of a lifetime!
Overseas wedding photography in New Zealand 1
Overseas wedding photography in New Zealand 2
Overseas wedding photography in New Zealand 3
Overseas wedding photography in New Zealand 4


Feel the sand on your feet, the wind in your hair, and none the worry with our very comprehensive, all-inclusive Bali wedding package! Explore unique locations in Bali that make this island an Insta-worthy gem and explorers’ paradise. Kick back and relax at the end of the day while basking in the sunset, and let us do the work of capturing you and your partner against the warm, orange glow.
Overseas wedding photography in Bali 1
Overseas wedding photography in Bali 2
Overseas wedding photography in Bali  3
Overseas wedding photography in Bali  4


Elope with us to Paris, the City of Love. Our full-day pre-wedding package will leave you smitten, as we bring you to places like the iconic Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum and even a historical castle - all in one, single day! Proclaim your love again in the most romantic city, while we settle the rest for you.
Overseas wedding photography in Paris 1
Overseas wedding photography in Paris 2
Overseas wedding photography in Paris 3
Overseas wedding photography in Paris 4


Want to explore ancient ruins in the day and soak in the beach vibes at sunset? The beautiful country of Thailand has got you covered! Known as the Land of Smiles, a wedding photoshoot here will leave you and your partner beaming with joy.
Overseas wedding photography in Thailand 1
Overseas wedding photography in Thailand 2
Overseas wedding photography in Bangkok 3
Overseas wedding photography in Bangkok 4

Other Popular Destinations

From the fringes of nordic Iceland, to the exotic Morocco, and even the trendy Korea, let us take you on an epic adventure to anywhere around the world! With photography teams in over 20 different destinations, you can trust us to have your hassle-free, overseas wedding photoshoot covered. What are you waiting for? Your journey begins now!
Overseas wedding photography in Iceland
Overseas wedding photography in Cappadocia
Overseas wedding photography in Morocco
Overseas wedding photography in Prague

Prices & Packages

Engagement Photoshoots

Capture those precious moments while celebrating your engagement overseas! These photography-only sessions are great for couples that want a casual, no-frills and intimate shoot with their partner while on their honeymoon or vacation. Sessions typically last 90 mins, covering 1 location in the city. Prices start from SGD 550.
Overseas engagement photography in Bali
Overseas engagement photography in Korea Seoul

Half-day Wedding Photoshoots

Ideal for a short and sufficient wedding session covering 2 - 3 photoshoot locations, our half-day wedding photoshoots will tie in neatly to your vacation plans. Prices start from SGD 1,600.
Overseas Half Day Photography in Jeju Island
Overseas Half Day Photography in Jeju Island 2

Full-day Wedding Photoshoots

Our full-fledged service is perfect for couples that want the very best pre-wedding experience. It comes with makeup, hairstyling, wedding outfits rental and transportation; everything you need for a hassle-free experience! Spanning across an entire day, a session will cover a variety of stunning locations both inside and outside of the city, the latter which is typically inaccessible due to time constraints. Prices start from SGD 2,400.
Overseas full day wedding photography in Tuscany
Overseas full day wedding photography in New Zealand

Why OneThreeOneFour?

Local Crew
Save on our crew’s accommodation and flight fees as our teams are all situated in your respective photoshoot destination.
Discover Hidden Gems
Our team of experienced photographers will know the best photoshoot spots in their local cities, tucked away from the typical tourist attractions.
Personalised Service
Upon receiving your first enquiry, our OneThreeOneFour concierge will be in touch with you to coordinate and plan the details of your destination photoshoot.
Hassle-Free Experience
Enjoy your OneThreeOneFour experience with absolutely no worries while our experienced team captures your precious moments, while taking care of all the details of the photoshoot.

Behind The Scenes

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with OneThreeOneFour as the facilitation was smooth throughout and the Japan crew was willing to go the extra mile for us.
Last autumn, we headed to Tokyo to shoot the overseas pre-wedding for makeup guru cum mega YouTube influencer with over 3 million subscribers - Tina Yong and her beau, Alfred!
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Commonly Asked Questions

Can I choose my photographer?
You can let your coordinator know of your preference and they will assign your preferred photographer to you based on the photographer’s availability.
Can I choose my photoshoot locations?
Your coordinator will provide a list of recommended spots to choose from. Should you have another specific place in mind, feel free to consult your coordinator to work out an arrangement.
When is the best time to travel?
This is subjective to each destination as well as your personal preference. Do check out our comprehensive seasonal calendar to see what kind of natural sights work best for you!
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept bank transfer in major currencies (USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, SGD), and credit card payment (subjected to convenience fees).
How will I receive my photos?
The soft copies will be available for your download.
How long will it take for my photos to be edited?
You can receive the soft copy edited photos in approximately 2.5 months to 3 months after the photoshoot, unless otherwise stated.
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